Printing  Options

Exquisite printing requires a conversation between the buyer and artist. Primary options include canvas gallery wraps, acrylic glass, tapestries and aluminum plate - each emote different outcomes. 

For assistance, please contact Robert H. Gardner via email to schedule a call. You can expect an insightful professional conversation to arrive at an optimal printing decision.  Pricing will be given within two business days. 

Custom wall designs for home and office - single prints + split prints 

Canvas Gallery Wrap 

Sizing: 14" x 14" to 60" x 120"

Print: 150 GSM Matte Poly-Cotton

Frame: N/A 

Traditional and classic - this method involves stretching the canvas so the image wraps ~ 1.5" around the edge of the stretcher frame.  By injecting chrome based color dyes, final prints radiate with fine detail and resolution.  

Acrylic Glass 

 Sizing: 14" x 14" to 91.75" x 43.75"  

Frame 1: 1" Stainless Steel Standoffs

Frame 2: Hanging Wiring  

High gloss and depth - Frame 1: The image gets printed on the back of a 1/4" thick sheet of clear acrylic leaving a 2" clear margin frame that holds 4 stainless steel cylinder spacer mounts. 

Frame 2: The acrylic print gets attached to a 1/4" thick black board with a wooden frame and hanging wire on the back, leaving 1.5" between the wall and art. 


Sizing: 12" x 12"  to 96" x 48"

Frame 1: Edge to Edge 

Frame 2: Recessed Edge 

A 3D feel created by light bouncing off the brushed aluminum behind the sheer high gloss coating and image.  You'll see colors in a new way. 


Anodized Aluminum Frames: Brushed Satin Black, Brushed Frosted Silver or Brushed Gray Pewter.

Frame 1: Image covers the front of the 1 3/8" deep frame molding and meets the side.  Hangs 1 1/2" off the wall. 

Frame 2: Same as #1 except the molding gets recessed 3" from the edge for a floating effect ~ 1 1/2" off the wall.

Canvas Gallery Wrap 

Acrylic Glass 



Visual Information 

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