Printing  Options

Exquisite printing requires a conversation between the buyer and artist. Primary options include canvas gallery wraps, acrylic glass, tapestries and aluminum plate - each emote different outcomes. 

Thoughtful prints evoke memories, create silent pauses, and set moods. As you browse through the gallery, imagine the space the print will be in. Jot down the colors in the room, the wood tones, the lighting, and the mood you would like to set.  

Will the print be livelier on canvas, metal, acrylic or a custom tapestry? Will it look better mounted off the wall? What size do you imagine?


This is where Bob can guide you. He's worked smoothly with home owners and businesses leaders to get it just right. 

For assistance, please contact Robert H. Gardner via email to schedule a call. You can expect an insightful professional conversation to arrive at an optimal printing decision.  Pricing will be given within two business days. 

Custom wall designs for home and office - single prints + split prints 

Canvas Gallery Wrap 

Sizing: 14" x 14" to 60" x 120"

Print: 150 GSM Matte Poly-Cotton

Frame: N/A 

Traditional and classic - this method involves stretching the canvas so the image wraps ~ 1.5" around the edge of the stretcher frame.  By injecting chrome based color dyes, final prints radiate with fine detail and resolution.  

Acrylic Glass 

 Sizing: 14" x 14" to 91.75" x 43.75"  

Frame 1: 1" Stainless Steel Standoffs

Frame 2: Hanging Wiring  

High gloss and depth - Frame 1: The image gets printed on the back of a 1/4" thick sheet of clear acrylic leaving a 2" clear margin frame that holds 4 stainless steel cylinder spacer mounts. 

Frame 2: The acrylic print gets attached to a 1/4" thick black board with a wooden frame and hanging wire on the back, leaving 1.5" between the wall and art. 


Sizing: 12" x 12"  to 96" x 48"

Frame 1: Edge to Edge 

Frame 2: Recessed Edge 

A 3D feel created by light bouncing off the brushed aluminum behind the sheer high gloss coating and image.  You'll see colors in a new way. 


Anodized Aluminum Frames: Brushed Satin Black, Brushed Frosted Silver or Brushed Gray Pewter.

Frame 1: Image covers the front of the 1 3/8" deep frame molding and meets the side.  Hangs 1 1/2" off the wall. 

Frame 2: Same as #1 except the molding gets recessed 3" from the edge for a floating effect ~ 1 1/2" off the wall.

Canvas Gallery Wrap 

Acrylic Glass 



Visual Information 

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